We’re in this together - The best possible translation thanks to your feedback

20 September 2021

Delivering top-notch translations to each customer, that's what ElaN aims to achieve every day. We always use a native translator who is familiar with your industry and knows your jargon and preferred terms. A native proofreader will then dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Your feedback is of immense value

Of course, it is always possible that you still have some comments or suggestions. As a matter of fact, that’s great, because we appreciate your feedback.


Did you have different terms or jargon in mind for your translation? We will gladly include these on our termbases and our translation memory.


Comments regarding the translator’s style or content-related questions? We will discuss them with the translator and proofreader and will adjust the translation until it’s perfect. This also allows us to find the translators and proofreaders that are best suited to your enterprise and style.

.rtf file? Handy!

Extra tip for making quick adjustments to your translation: request the bilingual .rtf file. Write down comments with a pencil next to the text? That’s a thing of the past, you can enter them directly into the file. Super convenient and a foolproof guarantee that your modifications and preferences will quickly and correctly find their way into the translation memory.

Does providing feedback require a lot of effort?

Definitely not! All it takes is one mail to your translation assignment’s project manager. Or give them a call. On top of that, you can also provide feedback via our online platform MyTranslation. Simply use the handy feedback button.


So, feel free to send us your comments. Thanks to your feedback, we can achieve the best possible result together.


Still have questions regarding how to give good feedback?

Get in touch with Johan Noël. He will gladly listen to your questions and will provide you with practical answers.


Tel.: 011 49 04 68

E-mail: customerservice@elanlanguages.com