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Your translations: more tailored than ever before

14 January 2020

Vertaalofferte op maat

The recipe for a successful holiday? A travel agency helps you with tips for your destination, your hotel, nice places to visit,... This ensures that your trip will live up to the expectations - and perhaps even more. The same applies to your translations. Your budget, your deadline, your jargon, etc. Plenty of factors to take into account in order to get a successful end result.

Brainstorming = customisation 

As a translation agency with thirty years of experience, ElaN Languages handles all your translation assignments with the utmost care. A specific style? A tight deadline? Or is it necessary to keep the budget tight? Our translation consultants will personally get in touch with you, think with you and will have a customised answer to all your translation questions.
The big winner of our thorough customisation approach? You. Because we get the most out of your translation budget while maintaining high quality standards.

Brainstorming = maximal return 

A translation that will also be proofread by our in-house proofreaders is your guarantee of quality. But such a revision is not always necessary. Think, for instance, of texts that are only meant to be used within your own company. Choices, choices... Would you like to know whether your translation really needs to be proofread? Ask our translation consultants. Thanks to their expertise, they’ll give you the proper advice.

Does it have to be even faster and cheaper? In that case, you can rely on our machine translations (always meticulously proofread by a native translator/proofreader). Ask for it and we will tell you whether this is an option for you. Because cost saving is a term close to our heart. As long as we can guarantee the quality, of course.

How do I get the most out of my translations?

Call or mail Johan Noël for the best solution at the best price: +32 (0)11 49 04 68 - customerservice@elanlanguages.com. Or request a quote at no obligation.

ElaN Languages always has a customised answer for your language question.
Let our language services convince you. Or request a price quote (at no obligation) today.

We are delighted that PassworD is now part of ElaN Languages. Discover the benefits ElaN Languages offers you.

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We are delighted that Translavic is now part of ElaN Languages. Discover the benefits ElaN Languages offers you.

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