Your unrevised translation: when two eyes are enough

13 September 2018

ElaN Languages bears the ISO 17100 certificate, which is the internationally recognised standard for companies within the translation industry. That entails a number of important guarantees.


Such as the fact that your translations are always revised. This means that your text is first translated by a native speaker. Then, one of our revisers (who is also always a native speaker) will comb through the translation looking for any mistakes in style, grammar, and word choice. Thanks to this four-eyes principle, we can deliver a translation that is spick and span.

But is revision always required?

No; sometimes, you can get away without it. These are cases where you are certain that the translation won’t damage your corporate image.


A few examples:

  • documents that will only be read within your company, like audit reports or recommendation reports, etc.
  • procedures for your company to be able to comply with the prevailing legislation, but which aren’t read that much in other languages
  • that one email that you’d like to fire off to an Italian colleague

Or perhaps someone within your company systematically takes care of revising these texts.


In cases similar to those above, you can contact ElaN Languages for unrevised translations from and to Dutch, French, English, and German. It’s the perfect solution when time is of the essence or you have to keep a tight rein on your translation budget.

Can’t tell if your translation needs revising or not? Just ask us!

Johan Noël will be happy to give you expert advice. And, if you’d like, he will calculate how much you could save on an unrevised translation.



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