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Aim for top translations with these three golden tips

21 September 2023
Tips voor topvertalingen

Whether it’s a translation, copywriting, subtitles, or a voice-over project: our translation experts invariably ensure a flawless end result.

But such a top-notch translation doesn’t just appear out of thin air – you too can do your part. That’s why we’re sharing these three tips to make the translation process that much smoother and more economical.

  1. Start your project on time: tell us well in advance what you want to have translated into which language and when your translations need to be ready. This way, you’re certain that your expert is available from our pool of thousands of ElaN translators. Thanks to their expert knowledge, you get a translation that is truly convincing. 
  2. Give clear translation instructions: do you have additional instructions on style, tone of voice, preferred translations, or specialist jargon? Feel free to give them to us. Our translators and revisers systematically apply all your preferences and record them in terminology lists (termbases) and translation memories. This way, the language used in your translations is always consistent. Plus, there’s the added bonus of a discount for repeated phrases.
  3. Send the final version of your file: time-consuming layout editing? It doesn’t benefit anyone. So please provide us with a ready-to-use source file in a common word processing or layout format, i.e. preferably not in a PDF. We translate directly and accurately into your file, saving you considerable formatting costs – in any language.  

Your project manager = your point of contact

One of our ten project managers will be your personal translation partner. They are the link between you and our translators, revisers, copywriters, and voice actors… making them the ideal person to advise and assist you. Whatever your language and translation needs.


Johan Noël | ElaN Languages
Do you need an impeccable translation?

Call or email Johan Noël, our Business Development Director: 011 49 04 68 – johannoel@elanlanguages.com.
He will be happy to help you with any translation project and give you expert advice.

ElaN Languages always has a customised answer for your language question.
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