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Score online with your multilingual content (with complimentary SEO keyword research)

22 November 2023

Websitevertaling | ElaN Languages

Every translation project is unique, ranging from straightforward to highly intricate. Consider the examples of translating your website into several languages or regularly updating online content like webshops, customer platforms, user interfaces, apps, etc.

When tempting to try and do this on your own, unexpected challenges will show up sooner rather than later. How do you keep track of the helicopter view, for instance? Not to mention the significant time investment required for seamless online publishing.

Trust the experts

Looking to impress in various languages? Turn to the expertise of ElaN Languages.

The translation and SEO specialists that make up our team carefully consider all the aspects and nuances of multilingual online content.

  • Engaging copy: our translators are well-versed in web writing, ensuring succinct, impactful, and compelling translations.
  • All file formats: we deliver your online publications in your preferred format (Word, Excel, HTML, XML, etc.), eliminating the need for laborious cutting and pasting. In need of a different format? Just let us know. We will always find the perfect solution.
  • SEO optimised: we seamlessly integrate your SEO-optimised keywords and descriptions into your website translations. The result? Google places your web content at the top of the search results, regardless of the language.
  • A more economical alternative: if you need to translate recurring copy or updates, consider post-editing as a cost-effective and quicker alternative. Our translation consultants are happy to provide guidance and practical solutions.
  • More control: evaluating a translation in an unfamiliar 'exotic' language can be challenging. Request the bilingual .rtf file and have the translation reviewed by a native speaker for some extra peace of mind.

SEO - Complimentary Keyword Research

As part of our website translation service, we weave the optimal SEO keywords for each language into your copy, satisfying even the fussiest of search engines.

Put our SEO prowess to the test: send us your keyword list in the source language and we will do your keyword research free of charge (up to 50 keywords in the languages we translate into and for translation quotes over EURO 1500). Interested? Get in touch with johannoel@elanlanguages.com.

Johan Noël | ElaN Languages
Seeking advice on translating your online content?

Please reach out to Johan Noël: 011 49 04 68 - customerservice@elanlanguages.com. He is eager to offer his expert advice and explore the best and most economical options for your needs.

ElaN Languages always has a customised answer for your language question.
Let our language services convince you. Or request a price quote (at no obligation) today.

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