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Top five reasons why ElaN Languages should be your dedicated language partner

17 October 2023

Vijf redenen om te kiezen voor vertaalbureau ElaN Languages

Does your company conduct international business? Do you disseminate your marketing communications globally, in a variety of languages? If so, you’ll need translation services sooner rather than later. Needless to say, these translations must be professional and flawless.

Of course, there is always the option of assigning translation tasks to an employee or perhaps a group of colleagues. Alternatively, you might consider outsourcing to a third party, such as your marketing agency. While there is fundamentally nothing wrong with such an approach, potential pitfalls do exist. For example, what happens when you are faced with complex file formats? Or, if you are managing a multilingual translation project, how do you ensure consistent application of your subject and preferred terminology? What if your aim is to infuse your translations with SEO-optimised terms? These scenarios highlight just a few of the numerous, often hidden challenges associated with translation work.

Eliminate these concerns by reaching out to ElaN Languages, your expert in professional translations.

Why ElaN Languages

Boasting a network of 2,500 translators, an exclusive team of 16 dedicated proofreaders, and 10 project managers, ElaN Languages ensures exceptional translation services, while unburdening you of all your related concerns.

  1. Consistent quality: your translation is always handled by a native speaker, meticulously selected and fully versed in your industry’s professional jargon. Next, one of our dedicated revisers conducts a thorough linguistic and stylistic review.
  2. Personal assistance: questions about your deadline? Stylistic or terminology-related instructions? Feedback on a translation? Need a separate revision? Your designated project manager will monitor your translation assignment from start to finish and will answer all of your questions. Would you like a quick quote? Or a swift overview of your translation assignments? Looking to monitor your expenditure? All this, and more, can be done online and in the blink of an eye via our platform, MyTranslation. 
  3. Translation memories: thanks to our translation memories, repeated passages are translated in exactly the same way. The same goes for your in-house and professional terminology. The result? More coherent translations and cost savings, as we offer discounts for repeated words or phrases.
  4. All file types: whether it concerns a website in French or a brochure in Dutch, we translate any file (graphic, export of online content, etc.) while maintaining the original layout. You can save yourself a lot of time-consuming and expensive cutting and pasting.
  5. Post-editing and expedited translations: when time is of the essence, machine translation becomes a viable option. Our linguistic virtuosos  will meticulously post-edit these translations, delivering high-quality text at a significantly reduced rate. Prefer the unique touch of a 100% human translation? Our Fast Track Service ensures delivery up to 100 words within just 3 hours; an ideal solution for those time-sensitive social media updates.

More than just translations

ElaN Languages is your premier destination for all your professional translation need. However, did you know we also offer comprehensive solutions for all your linguistic queries? From copywriting to desktop publishing and from subtitling to voice-over… We’ve got you covered. Feel free to reach out. We have the answer to every language-related challenge you might face.

Johan Noël | ElaN Languages
Optimise your translation activities now

Hire a translation agency to simplify your process and dramatically enhance your translation efficiency. Are you curious to learn how ElaN Languages can make a difference? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Johan Noël johannoel@elanlanguages.com – +32 (0)11 49 04 68. He will be happy to draw up a (cost) analysis for you, no strings attached.

ElaN Languages always has a customised answer for your language question.
Let our language services convince you. Or request a price quote (at no obligation) today.

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