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Post-editing: an easy, fast, and inexpensive translation solution

04 July 2023

Translating a text? Surely there are machines for that these days? True, but know that those translations are anything but flawless. And it will take you time to fix those flaws. Because no matter how you spin it, post-editing of machine translations is a profession in its own right.

Fortunately, there is ElaN Languages, your translation agency with the ISO 18587 quality certificate for post-editing. Our experts have completely mastered that craft. So it’s preferable to leave the post-editing to them. You are guaranteed to reap the benefits: your texts will be translated faster and inexpensively, while still being high quality.

Absolutely positive

Post-editing makes the translation process faster and more efficient. Moreover, you can be sure that your translations are done to perfection. And here’s why:

  • We put several translation tools to work and always choose the one that delivers the best results.
  • If the translation tool comes across something it has already translated,  then it reproduces it in exactly the same way for subsequent projects. This way, your translations will stay true to your style and terminology.
  • We will deliver your translation in the same layout as the source text if that’s what you want.
  • We only use paid translation tools. So you can rest assured that your texts will always remain confidential.

So where’s the added value?

Post-editing often comes in handy for texts that need to be regularly retranslated, e.g. annual reports, technical documentation, legal contracts, e-shop texts, etc. Do you have a lot to translate against a tight deadline or is a ‘rough’ translation of a large text enough for you? Post-editing is certainly an option in this case as well.

Johan Noël | ElaN Languages
Can post-editing be interesting for me?

Feel free to ask Johan Noël for advice: 011 49 04 68 – johannoel@elanlanguages.com. He’ll be happy to explain what post-editing can do for you in detail. Together, you’ll look for the most budget-friendly solution that completely matches your quality expectations.

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