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Three tips for optimal management of your translation budget

01 March 2022


As a responsible person, you keep a close eye on the cost of your translations and you do not want to waste any time. Bingo, you are not alone! We are also fond of smooth and cost-effective translation processes. These three tips will help you get even more out of your translation budget.

1. Separate revision, yes or no?

A translation that is carefully proofread by our own proofreaders remains our formula for success. And it is also your best quality guarantee. However, is that kind of revision necessary? Not always! For instance, think of texts that are only meant for internal use. It all boils down to choice: proofreading or not? Always keep your corporate image in mind, because a badly translated text does more harm than good. Would you like to know whether a revision is an added value for your translation project? Feel free to ask us. We will gladly advise you.

2. Post-editing machine translations

A second way to reduce your translation costs is by using machine translations. Our post-editors always meticulously transform them into an easy-to-read document. Post-editing is often useful for texts that have to be retranslated regularly. This includes things like annual reports or user manuals. 

Is a “rough” translation of a large text enough for you? Post-editing is certainly an option in this case as well. As a translation agency with the ISO 18587 quality certificate for post-editing, we can rely on experts who know what they’re doing. Do you want to know whether your translation is eligible for post-editing? Feel free to ask us.

3. Translation Memories = better translations

You get discounts on repeated words and phrases because we use Translation Memories. This is not only interesting from a financial point of view. Previously translated passages and your corporate and specialist terms will be translated in exactly the same way in future translations. In turn, this will make your translations more consistent! One small condition: we can only use our Translation Memories if you provide us with editable files.

We will gladly brainstorm with you!

You want to use your translation budget efficiently and could use some help? Feel free to ask Valerie Kerten for advice: 011 49 04 68 – customerservice@elanlanguages.com. She will explain in great detail what you can expect at what price, always keeping in mind the standards of quality.

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