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In the intricate world of law, every detail matters. As your trusted legal translation agency, ELAN Languages is committed to precision. We navigate the intricacies of different legal systems and languages with accuracy and confidentiality, ensuring your legal documents are translated to perfection.

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Working with ELAN Languages is to secure a strategic partner dedicated to your success. We offer bespoke translation solutions and steadfast support, positioning ourselves not merely as a service provider but as a trusted ally in your international legal communication.

Expert Legal Translators

ELAN Languages’ legal linguists bring profound industry knowledge to every translation task. We ensure your legal documents are translated with unmatched accuracy, setting a global benchmark for linguistic precision.

Confidentiality at Its Core

Our secure translation processes and strict non-disclosure agreements keep your documents protected at every step of the translation process.

Innovation Driving Every Word

ELAN Languages offers law professionals an informed choice between the speed and efficiency of AI-enhanced work and the nuanced precision of human expertise in traditional legal translations.

Format-Ready Legal Translations

Our specialised service covers a wide array of legal documents and filetypes. Rely on ready-to-use legal translations, tailored to the stringent requirements of legal professionals and to the diversity of legal communication. We specialise in legal text, judgments, contracts, notarial deeds, employment regulations and more.

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Sworn and Legalised Translations

Do you need your official documents recognised and carrying weight across borders, or foreign documents validated in your own country? Whether it be marriage certificates, academic diplomas or certificates of good conduct, ELAN Languages is here to assist with your sworn translations, also known as certified translations.

Our team of sworn translators is equipped to translate your documents into any language with precision and legal validity. We also specialise in legalisation services to get your translations acknowledged globally and ready your document for confident international use.
Sworn Translations

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