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Uncompromising Precision for Technical Documents

In the complex world of technical documentation and communication, accuracy is the foundation of trust and understanding between yourself and your international audience. ELAN Languages specialises in technical translation services designed to translate your technical documents, manuals, and reports accurately while reflecting the precision of your original content.

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Precision Where It Matters

ELAN Languages turns your technical documents into tools for global success. Our technical translation services are designed to bridge language gaps, enabling your products, innovations and research to reach and resonate with an international audience.

Translators with a technical background

Our team consists of technical translators who are not only linguistic experts, but also specialise in their own distinct fields, such as engineering, IT, manufacturing and environmental sciences.

Accuracy First

As we work with translation memories and glossaries, our experts are able to translate your technical content - complete with its unique terminology and concepts - with a thorough understanding of the subject matter to preserve the integrity and clarity of the original text.

ISO-Certified Excellence

Our commitment to delivering superior technical translation services is underscored by our adherence to ISO standards. With certifications in ISO 9001 for quality management systems, ISO 17100 for translation services and ISO 18587 for post-editing, ELAN Languages upholds the highest industry benchmarks.

Quality Assured

Quality assurance is at the heart of our technical translation services. Through rigorous review processes, including proofreading and quality checks by subject-matter experts, we are able to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of every translation.

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Step through our guided request form to detail your language service needs. Our straightforward process ensures we capture all the essential information to tailor our approach specifically to your project.

Adapting to Your Needs

From adapting for specific file formats to integrating with content management systems and aligning with project timelines; our flexible approach is designed to meet your unique requirements. We take a collaborative approach to ensure that our translation process complements your workflows, delivering high-quality translations that seamlessly blend into your existing processes.
Adapting to Your Needs

Technical Translations with Cutting-Edge Innovation

We utilise Translation Memories and comprehensive terminology databases in conjunction with advanced AI technology to ensure both efficiency and consistency in our technical translations. Translation Memories allow us to reuse previously translated segments, reducing turnaround times and ensuring uniformity across all your documents.

Our customer-specific terminology databases guarantee that specific industry terms are accurately applied to preserve the technical integrity of your content. Additionally, we offer AI technology solutions to deliver precise translations faster and more economically.
Technical Translations

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