ICT translations

English is the most important language in the IT business, that’s for sure. But you may need to have some documents in different language versions.


Websites, e-shops, software packages, manuals (computers, printers, etc.), or training courses: have them all translated by ElaN Languages. Our translation nerds know the technical jargon like the back of their hands. It doesn’t matter how complex or specialised the subject, each text is translated quickly, accurately, and clearly.

Take advantage of a competitive price for your ICT translation.

Satisfied translation customers​

These are just some of the companies that have been relying on our ICT translations for years: AS Watson, Ausy, IBM, i-CITY, Norriq, Tech Data, Unifiedpost Group, Willemen Groep, and many more.

ISO certification
1,800 freelance translators
30,000 translation assignments each year
50,000,000 translated words each year