Are you translating a website? This is a specialised field. For example, you have to take the laws of search engines into account, as well as the online reader’s habits.


That’s why you should have your website translated by one of our native, experienced translators. They understand that the average surfer is easily distracted, so they write easily readable web texts that inform and persuade.

Do you need a website translated?

Rank high in Google thanks to SEO​

Your ElaN translator is completely familiar with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This will make your multilingual website show up at the top of Google’s results and other search engines.



  • meticulously incorporate your lists of SEO-friendly search terms and descriptions into your translations;
  • strategically insert keywords (in titles, subtitles, metatags, etc.);
  • respect the HTML codes in your translations.


So, you don’t have any SEO search terms available already? No problem. We will be happy to refer you to an SEO agency, which will provide you with the most effective keywords.

All file formats

We deliver your website content in the format that you originally provided it in (Word, Excel, HTML, XML, etc.). This makes time-consuming cutting and pasting a thing of the past. An entirely different file format? Just ask us about it. We can probably handle it too!