Social media

Websites, blogs, updates on Facebook, Linked, Twitter, and other social media, direct mailing campaigns, etc. Companies communicate digitally more now than ever. It’s a lot of work, too, especially if all those online publications are sent out into the ether in multiple languages.


Do you want to make a good impression in other languages too? Then call upon ElaN Languages’ expertise. Together, we will ensure that your multilingual content gains more recognition, reaches a broader public, and thus increases your sales opportunities

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Score big internationally with your multilingual social media content.

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What’s the added value here?​

Articulate texts

Writing for social media holds no more mysteries for our translators. Their style is short, concise, and powerful.

Tight deadlines

The whole online content process often has to go fast. Your deadline is sacred. That’s why our project managers deliver your translations in the shortest time possible.


Our translators incorporate your lists of SEO-friendly keywords and descriptions into their translations. What’s that mean for you? Your web texts and social media posts will stand out at the top of Google’s results. No matter what language they’re in.